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Army Distance Learning

The Internet is making has made getting an education possible for soldiers, wherever they may be.

In the past soldiers who wanted to get more education or to study for a degree or a diploma had access to traditional correspondence courses, but that included requirements to attend on-campus classes several times a year.

Now the Internet has arrived and many universities and other educational institutions are offering online training for soldiers(army distance learning) over the Internet. Army distance learning online can make visiting campus a thing of the past.

Web-based courses are now offering soldiers the freedom to complete a course regardless of their location. Since the Internet is now available almost everywhere, you know that if you are ever redeployed or reassigned, the course can go with you.

Army distance learning also fits around your schedules if you are a shift worker or have family commitments.

Courses offered include short-term training in army specialist skills, on one hand, and long-term courses (entire degree programs in military, business, liberal arts, and many other fields), on the other.

At end of your course you will have a genuine degree or diploma. There will be nothing on your certificate to indicate that it was taken online. Whether you studied at Columbia in New York or in the Middle East, it all looks the same on your degree or transcript that you will show to future employers.

More good news is that you can receive financial help from the Army to complete your course. As long as your course (whether by online learning or in any other format) is approved through your army education center, it is eligible for tuition assistance.

Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

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