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Counterterrorism Courses Online

Terrorism is one of the most worrying aspects of living in the Western world ever since the attacks of 9/11. As a result, professionals with qualifications in counterterrorism and security are well paid and in high demand, whether in Homeland Security, the police, the FBI, private sector security businesses, government or the diplomatic service.

There are now a number of reputable courses available online that anyone with a personal computer can study at home and at a time of the day that suits their schedule. There are up to four courses each year, so you can also start at a date that suits you.

The teachers of these courses are regularly currently serving security officials who understand the demands of the security environment and who are also excellent communicators. They will take you through each of the subject areas in a logical manner and will communicate with you via email, texting or online forums and quickly clarify any difficult points or answer any questions you may have.

Some of the main areas covered by these online courses include:

-- how to proactively handle the threat of terrorism and for protecting life and property;
-- how to
understand the different kinds of terrorist threats from military-style attacks to assaults on the IT (information technology or computer) infrastructure;
-- how to identify the identify the different kinds and groups of terrorists and their ideologies and motivations;
-- how to develop and conduct intelligence collection and analysis;
-- how to perform threat assessments; and
-- how to plan and conduct counterterrorism operations, including specific techniques such as surveillance and counter-espionage.

Counterterrorism studies often involve a program of a year to a year and a half of study, resulting in a degree or diploma that is the same as that issued to on-campus students.

Your online learning is a kind of distance education that does require a level of discipline to complete but you will be helped every step along the way by your teachers, mentors and fellow students.

You will also be given support via easy access to student advisors, online forums, online study groups, and online study resources -- all of which will be specialized in security and counterterrorism studies.

Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

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