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Flight Crew Survival Training Online

Much of flight crew survival training can be effectively learned online.

Survival training, originally developed by the armed forces, has been adapted for the work environment of civil aviation crew members (whether they are flying commercial, general aviation or offshore helicopters) while closely conforming to national and international civil aviation regulations.

Flight crew survival training is designed to help flight and cabin crew members to survive in many kinds of extremely dangerous situations at sea, in the jungle, wilderness, desert, or arctic, and in urban settings.

Special units of knowledge to be learned include: the responsibilities of the different crew members, survival priorities, search and rescue, aircraft egress (escape), ditching procedures and techniques, water exercises, passenger safety, sea survival techniques and hypothermia.

Examples of survival in these environments are demonstrated by video case studies. Examples of what to do and what not to do, and of actual real-life footage demonstrating the survival training do's and don't's are supplemented by interactive tutorials, presentations of immediate reaction drills, quizzes, tests, and online discussions with the instructors and fellow students, using forums and webinars.

The online survival training represents a big step forward from the previous correspondence courses or distance learning methods of teaching aviation crew, which lacked the immediacy of the video case studies and the interactive nature of online learning which can correct errors immediately and strengthen the learning process and motivation immeasurably.

Students are learn about a wide range of survival equipment (aircraft and personal), the strengths and weaknesses of each device, and how to use each one effectively in every conceivable survival or emergency situation. Again, ready reaction drills are taught repeatedly until they become second nature for the flight and cabin crew.

Such online survival training is a most effective of teaching the expensive aviation crews and, morevover, a way of teaching crews who have varied work schedules in widely distant geographical locations.

The online training is supplemented by periodical, on campus courses where the flight and cabin crew members get hands-on experience with survival equipment and are placed in mock ups of dangerous environments where they have to demonstrate their practical knowledge of survival drills.

Thus to their theoretical and logical survival knowledge is added an instinctual, "second nature" practical knowledge, that together should result in the survival of many more passengers and crew in hazardous, even deadly, "do or die" survival situations.

Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

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