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Internet Courses for Microbiology

Internet courses in microbiology offer the off-campus student the chance to complete microbiology units for their biology or science degree from their own home or remote workplace and at a pace to suit their personal lifestyle.

Most essentials of microbiology can be learned from working through the required reading, tests, quizzes, and lab experiences, and submitting assignments to their instructor by email.

Even though they are not present in the lab, the online student can still use the microscope, and do staining, culturing, and sampling by using kits which are sent to the student by the college.

Certain other lab experiences can be simulated.

Finally, there are a couple of intensive, "hands on" weekends per semester which give the student some real laboratory experiences and the accompanying analysis and discussions.

Online courses in microbiology now utilize interactive, web-based learning games to enhance the learning experience and make the lessons more enjoyable. This approach can motivate students more than a purely "rote memorization" method can -- perhaps because it is more fun!

The key to success for the student studying online is to have a real sense of self motivation, discipline and commitment.

The Internet courses in microbiology currently offered by many colleges ultimately give the off-campus student a thorough grounding in the subject and the same diploma that normal fulltime and on-campus students earn.

Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

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