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Online Christian education is a form of Christian learning that does not require the student to attend classes on a school or college campus. Instead, the student receives his or her lessons and submits assignments using the technology of the Internet (World Wide Web).

This can be much more convenient. A student can undertake accredited Christian courses anywhere in the country (in fact, anywhere in the world) and at any time (you can study at 2 am if you want!).

Because of this, online Christian learning appeals greatly to those who have the responsibilities of a job or a family. The employee or the parent now can take lessons from the comfort of their own home, as long as they have a personal computer and an Internet connection in their home.

It also appeals to parents who want their children to receive a homeschooling-style education with a Christian basis.

Christian online learning is just like a Christian correspondence course -- with the difference that lessons arrive over the World Wide Web instead of by mail.

Online learning uses website pages, email, online news groups, and more to take the students surely and progressively through their courses. With high quality online Christian colleges which have highly experienced staff, excellent software, caring and personal student support, and a carefully-organized curriculum, this form of Christian distance education can be as good as traditional courses requiring the personal attendance of students at the lectures and tutorials held on a college campus.

The highly interactive online newsgroups create a great sense of community between students who may live far away from each other and also between students and their teachers.

Whether you want to train for the Christian ministry, whether you want delve into theology, the Bible, evangelism, ministry, pastoral care, counseling, and other core religious studies, or whether you are a lay person wanting a liberal arts or business education with a Christian basis, online Christian education has a lot to offer you.

In short, earning a college degree with a Christian foundation -- or just taking a few classes from a university with a religion-based curriculum -- has just become much more convenient with Christian colleges now using the Internet to deliver the education.

And schooling one’s children at home in a Bible-based environment is now easier and richer with the power of the Internet.

Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

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