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QuickBooks 2002 Training Online

QuickBooks 2002 is an important program to learn for office and business staff.

The problem of finding the time and opportunity to study QuickBooks 2002 has now been solved! Study the program online, using your home PC and your Internet connection.

There are online training options (which I will cover below), but first here are the main topics any worthwhile QuickBooks 2002 course should cover:

• The Set up Interview
• Manually Setting Up Your Company from Scratch
• Preparing Invoices
• Setting QuickBooks Preferences
• Managing Customer Accounts
• Receiving Payments
• Entering and Paying Bills
• Making Adjustments to the Check Register
• Performing Reconciliation of Bank and Credit Card Statements
• Processing Payroll Taxes
• Tracking Accounts Receivable
• Running Reports
• Preparing Financial Statements
• Making Journal Entries
• Handling Tax Problems
• Year-End Procedures
• Managing Files
• Writing Checks
• Doing Online Banking

You should have a basic understanding of accounting before starting any QuickBooks 2002 online training course; but when you are finished your course, you be able to use QuickBooks to manage your accounting with a few easy clicks.

A good online course will present the lessons simply and in easy stages. There will be tests and assignments at the end of each module to ensure you have fuly mastered the material.

Here are my recommendations for QuickBooks 2002 training online courses:

Teach Me IT course

Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

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